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About Loom Hall

Loom Hall is the artistic home of textile artist Peggy Taylor.  The projects begin on the farm where our Shetland sheep provide the wool that is handspun, then dyed, and eventually woven into any number of fiber creations from blankets, to shawls, to table runners, to baby blankets, to Christmas decorations, to rugs, to mittens, to other clothing, to wall hangings, among other pieces of art.

The work is completed on a variety of different looms and spinning wheels.  Many are historic, vintage pieces of equipment that span three centuries.  Loom Hall strives to adhere to the methods and styles of early American weavers, following their patterns in developing the art.

In addition to raising her own wool, Peggy grows many of the natural dies she uses to bring color to the looms.

An outreach component of Loom Hall is found in its educational emphasis, striving to keep future generations informed about our country’s weaving heritage.  Loom Hall offers several classes at Raintree Cottage in historic New Harmony, Indiana.  Also, Peggy demonstrates at historic re-enactments, school programs, and historic centers such as the Lincoln Log Cabin in Illinois


Loom Hall dedicates itself to crafting high-quality early American art and to furthering the understanding and appreciation of our country’s fiber heritage.

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